A Great Day for Compassion

It's the first day of spring and the International Day of Happiness. Since it's the 20th of March, it's also time for another round of compassion posts. In case you missed it, I posted about kindness on Friday. (I ignored the happiness prompt for this month because I had a kindness story to tell.) Today,... Continue Reading →

Which is Better: Kind Or Clever?

In January, I attended the wedding of a young friend. One of the guests was in charge of making a video during the reception. She took her hand-held camera from table to table, asking questions, eliciting cheers, recording everything. When she came to our table, I was entirely unprepared. The first thing she asked was:... Continue Reading →

Moving Stories of Compassion

Today is the anniversary of the first mass posting on compassion by members of 1000 Voices of Compassion. What did I learn writing a post every month about some aspect of compassion? That compassion is, like everything important in life, complicated, difficult, and worth the effort. I could point you to the posts I wrote... Continue Reading →

Forgiving Sets Us Free

As children, we are taught to apologize to others when we do something wrong. You smacked your little sister? Broke your best friend's favorite toy? Told a classmate he was ugly or she was stupid? You are told to apologize. This is supposed to make the person you've hurt feel better and ease your guilt.... Continue Reading →

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