A Trout With Feathers: Filming Dippers Underwater

https://vimeo.com/304876539?fbclid=IwAR2-M2ltaYxMwSxgPTBVhWtRSHZXw6mRASGt-cioRKYPzwunXIV0ZZMVzOY This nine-minute video documents nature photographer Mike Forsberg's quest to film a Dipper underwater. With the help of local bird-lover Steve Den, he stakes out Dipper nests in the Poudre River canyon in Colorado and waits. A meditative film on the rewards of persistence, it ends with a stunning clip of a Dipper swimming.... Continue Reading →

Your Creations Are Original. Really.

I'm still thinking about the false premise "I'm not creative." For those who believe creativity means doing something unique, so new and different that it feels like we've never seen or heard it before, a fear that they are unable to make something truly original keeps them from owning their own creativity. Plenty of creative people... Continue Reading →

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