While I don’t always get tired of winter, we have had so much snow this February that I am longing for spring, or even better, summer. Here are some photos to give you and idea of what it’s like right now, and of summer flowers to remind us all of what’s to come.

Frost-covered trees in a snowy yard. Photo by Kit Dunsmore
February in Colorado. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)
Frost-covered tree branches. Photo by Kit Dunsmore
Woke up to frost-covered trees. Beautiful, but bitter temperatures. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)

All the following photos were taken in Colorado last September. One of the benefits of living here is that plants can bloom well into the fall.

Wild asters. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)
Beautiful flowers in my neighbor’s yard. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)
Pink rose bush and yellow daisy-like flowers. Photo by Kit Dunsmore
We have
Roses in September. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)

Do you get tired of winter? How do you cheer yourself up when the weather gets you down?

2 thoughts on “Flowers For Your February Fatigue”

  1. In Virginia my winters are not as intense as yours in Colorado, but I still get tired of the dark…I have a light therapy box in the kitchen which I sit in front of in the morning. I plan my garden. I plan a trip. Sometimes I force bulbs so I have something blooming. I watch the birds on the feeder. The birds are the best!

    1. Colorado winters have lots of sunlight, but more cold than I got in upstate New York. Still, I also use a therapy lamp in the mornings (mostly to help me sleep and wake up). I get outside despite the cold whenever I can, and I am counting every singing bird I hear right now. They are all telling me spring is on the way. Mostly, I’m frustrated because I want to get outside and write in my nature journal, and most of the time, it’s too cold to be sitting still. Looking forward to warmer days…

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