A Tiny Start To Making Miniatures

One of the things my gotta-stay-awake YouTube watching has led to is a renewal in my interest in miniatures. First, I discovered this amazing model of Howl’s Moving Castle made from discarded plastic, cardboard, wire, and lots of re-purposed objects. It’s a long video, but Studson Studio’s delivery is educational and entertaining. He even chants his patron names list, matching it to the music from the movie and making it rhyme.

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Tolkien’s Defense of Escapist Fantasy

In these troubled times, reading can be a balm and comfort . Escaping into a favorite story is one way to get temporary relief from the stress and anxiety we are all dealing with at the moment. But not everyone approves of “escapist” reading. Since today is also Tolkien Reading Day, I want to share what J.R.R. Tolkien himself had to say about fantasy literature and reading to escape.

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