My top nine reasons to become a vampire:

  • You always know what’s for dinner.
  • You get to have bats for friends.
  • You don’t have to cook. Ever.
  • You have enough time for all the books (reading and writing them).
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  • Capes!
Photo by Juan Felipe Ramu00edrez on
  • Your house is supposed to be dusty.
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  • Staying up to see meteor showers is easy.
  • You never have to wear sunblock again.
  • You are guaranteed to sleep like the dead.

Why I can never be a vampire:

  • Given my food sensitivities, I would probably have to interview my victims to find people who hadn’t eaten gluten, dairy, and soy in the last week before I could drink their blood. My friend Sarah pointed out it was much more likely that I would only be able to drink AB- blood. That’s when I realized I am not cut out to be a vampire.

Why do you want to be a vampire?

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