Threads Around the World: A Book for Textile Fans

Even for those who don't know anything about textiles, Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe by Deb Brandon is a beautiful book. The photographs are rich and colorful, augmenting the text without replacing it. A textile sampler that talks about weaving, dyeing, knitting, and embroidery traditions from many different cultures,... Continue Reading →

Make Art Because Art

It's easy to get busy with commitments and have-tos and come to the decision that you don't have time for art, especially if the thing you want to make doesn't have a purpose or is unlikely to turn out exactly as you hoped. This is why I knit socks. When I'm done, I will have... Continue Reading →

Christmas Magic: Garden of Lights

Brilliant light, shining in the dark, helps give Christmas its magical feeling. The folks at the Gardens on Spring Creek understand this. Like many others, they have a night-time light display to help brighten our winter nights. Unlike others, they have created natural floral and plant decorations, perfect for a garden, and beautiful to behold.... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Afghans Get A New Look

You may have seen some of LordvonSchmitt's art clothing elsewhere on social media, but when I found out you could actually own one of his afghans-turned-into-an-outfit, I had to share with everyone.   Originally a knitter, LordvonSchmitt realized he could make things faster if he started with afghans from thrift stores. He cuts and sews... Continue Reading →

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