A Trout With Feathers: Filming Dippers Underwater

https://vimeo.com/304876539?fbclid=IwAR2-M2ltaYxMwSxgPTBVhWtRSHZXw6mRASGt-cioRKYPzwunXIV0ZZMVzOY This nine-minute video documents nature photographer Mike Forsberg's quest to film a Dipper underwater. With the help of local bird-lover Steve Den, he stakes out Dipper nests in the Poudre River canyon in Colorado and waits. A meditative film on the rewards of persistence, it ends with a stunning clip of a Dipper swimming.... Continue Reading →

Sunset at Barr Lake

The prairies of Colorado are glorious, even in the midst of a dry winter. I love the colors of the dried plants and bare trees, especially in the golden light of late afternoon. Here are photos I took yesterday on a bird walk at Barr Lake State Park. The temperature dropped nearly twenty degrees during... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Bonanza

Two weeks ago, I went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park that was abundant in wildflowers. Most of the day was overcast, but the sun did come out in the early afternoon, when we were up high, and gave us some dramatic views of peaks, clouds, trees, and rocks. For more pictures from... Continue Reading →

Found Art: Sky Heart

A negative space heart in the clouds, seen while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, and caught on film by Dana Geary: The peak in the picture is the Little Matterhorn.

Snowy Mountain Backpacking

Last weekend, we intended to spend four nights camping in the Snowy Mountains near Medicine Bow Peak with friends. We picked an easy loop hike that would allow us to backpack in, camp for a few nights in one spot, and do interesting day hikes on side trails. One of the advantages of our choice... Continue Reading →

Butterfly sighting

On Sunday, we planted a butterfly bush that was already in bloom. On Tuesday, I saw its first visitor, and what a stunner! He was as big as my hand, and did he love our bush. I've looked in our ancient butterfly field guide, and nothing even close to this beauty shows up*.  So, I... Continue Reading →

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