The prairies of Colorado are glorious, even in the midst of a dry winter. I love the colors of the dried plants and bare trees, especially in the golden light of late afternoon. Here are photos I took yesterday on a bird walk at Barr Lake State Park.

Barr Lake, Colorado; photo by Kit Dunsmore

The temperature dropped nearly twenty degrees during the hour we were out. The sun makes a big difference to the temperature in such a dry climate.

Sunset behind a tree at Barr Lake State Park. Photo by Kit Dunsmore

We saw an unusual cloud formation (in the center of the next photo). It looked like someone took an electric beater to the clouds.

Interesting clouds over Barr Lake. Photo by Kit Dunsmore
Barr Lake in winter. Photo by Kit Dunsmore.
Sunset over Barr Lake. Photo by Kit Dunsmore.

I am glad the winter solstice has come and gone. While I love the look of winter, I am ready for longer days and more sunlight.

What do you love about winter?

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