Brilliant light, shining in the dark, helps give Christmas its magical feeling. The folks at the Gardens on Spring Creek understand this. Like many others, they have a night-time light display to help brighten our winter nights. Unlike others, they have created natural floral and plant decorations, perfect for a garden, and beautiful to behold.

These trees have dripping icicles… watch the short video below to see how beautiful they are.

For those in Northern Colorado, you still have time to see these amazing decorations in person. The gardens are open every night through Jan. 1. Bundle up and take your family. It’s a wonder-filled experience.

What’s your favorite Christmas lights display?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Magic: Garden of Lights”

  1. Merry Christmas, Kit!

    My favorite light show are Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo ( They run 21 Nov. 2018 – 13 Jan. 2019. I gather up friends and we attend as a large group about once every 3 years. They have cool ‘Easter egg’ displays to find (like Sasquatch and the alien head). I went in Dec 2015 and they had a number of large, Lego displays of animals. It was very impressive.


    1. I never saw Zoolights in Phoenix. It looks cool! The gardens are a lot smaller, but they have a couple of hidden dinosaurs, too! There was a Lego lion at the Denver zoo for a while… really amazing.

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