A Trout With Feathers: Filming Dippers Underwater

https://vimeo.com/304876539?fbclid=IwAR2-M2ltaYxMwSxgPTBVhWtRSHZXw6mRASGt-cioRKYPzwunXIV0ZZMVzOY This nine-minute video documents nature photographer Mike Forsberg's quest to film a Dipper underwater. With the help of local bird-lover Steve Den, he stakes out Dipper nests in the Poudre River canyon in Colorado and waits. A meditative film on the rewards of persistence, it ends with a stunning clip of a Dipper swimming.... Continue Reading →

Lake Loveland

The last night my parents were here, we went to dinner in Loveland. When we came out of the restaurant, it was a gorgeous evening, so we decided to drive to a nearby park for a little walk before the sun went down. However, we got sidetracked as we were driving past Lake Loveland. We... Continue Reading →

Fossil Creek Reservoir

We drive right by the Fossil Creek Reservoir every time we go to Denver. I had no idea what a gorgeous spot it was until I went there with my parents after dinner one night. The lake is down slope from a large prairie, which is full of wildlife. The bunnies were particularly bold. As... Continue Reading →

Lory State Park Nature Trail

My parents' visit to Colorado inspired us to visit some of the parks and natural areas in our own backyard. The result was that we discovered some treasures we will be visiting regularly, now that we know they are there. Only a week after our first hike up to Arthur's Rock in Lory State Park,... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Rockies: Trees

While the mountains were full of wildflowers, I did not have much luck getting good pictures of them. The abundance of flowers meant I was always trying for landscape shots that showed the colorful meadows. But wildflowers, especially subalpine ones, are on the small side. Get too far away, and you can barely see them... Continue Reading →

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