Fossil Creek Reservoir

We drive right by the Fossil Creek Reservoir every time we go to Denver. I had no idea what a gorgeous spot it was until I went there with my parents after dinner one night.

Fossil Creek Reservoir

The lake is down slope from a large prairie, which is full of wildlife. The bunnies were particularly bold.

Desert Cottontail

As with all of our little adventures, we took lots of pictures. Dad spent some time trying to get a good shot of the western meadowlark serenading us.

The meadowlark is the tiny dot on the pole to the right

Because of the water, the area attracts lots of birds. At the west end of the trail is a blind, where you can sit and watch the birds on the lake. Inside are tables and seats, plus lots of labeled pictures of the birds you might see.

Mom and Dad view the lake from the blind

My attempts at bird photos did not work out that night — everything was too far away. But we saw quite a few species, including a gadwall mother with her brood. The excited babies swam in circles like wind-up toys. I did manage to get some pictures of the field full of sunflowers that lies just up the slope from the lake.

Common Sunflowers

The most amazing part of our evening was the sunset, which would not quit. My picture hardly does it justice. I can’t wait to see what my father does with all the versions he took of this:

Sunset over the Rockies

Tomorrow: Another amazing sunset in Colorado

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