Lory State Park Nature Trail

My parents’ visit to Colorado inspired us to visit some of the parks and natural areas in our own backyard. The result was that we discovered some treasures we will be visiting regularly, now that we know they are there. Only a week after our first hike up to Arthur’s Rock in Lory State Park, we were back with my parents in tow to walk along the nature trail and marvel at the wildflowers and the birds.

The trail starts off through a meadow that has banks of wildflowers in it.

A field full of Mexican Hat

Since it’s in the foot hills, many of the flowers had already gone to seed, but were interesting to look at nevertheless.

Mystery Pods (anyone know what this is?)

Only a few trees were growing in the meadow, although a little stream trickles out of the hills here. This one is clearly done growing.

Birds kept flying over us. A couple of hawks were chasing each other up and down the line of hills. Dad took a slew of pictures and got some nice ones. I also managed to get one with my little camera. (Note: the secret to this close-up is cropping instead of down-sizing the original.)

Red-tailed Hawk

The trail starts to wind its way up into a canyon, and new flowers could be found there.

Wild Rose

Before we knew it, it was baking hot and time for lunch. We didn’t hike far because we weren’t moving very fast, but the small section of the trail that we saw was exquisite, and excellent material for a family with cameras in their hands.

Tomorrow: Fossil Creek Reservoir

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