Lory State Park Nature Trail

My parents' visit to Colorado inspired us to visit some of the parks and natural areas in our own backyard. The result was that we discovered some treasures we will be visiting regularly, now that we know they are there. Only a week after our first hike up to Arthur's Rock in Lory State Park,... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Bonanza

Two weeks ago, I went on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park that was abundant in wildflowers. Most of the day was overcast, but the sun did come out in the early afternoon, when we were up high, and gave us some dramatic views of peaks, clouds, trees, and rocks. For more pictures from... Continue Reading →

Utah 2008: Goblin Valley

Day 3 of our Utah trip was spent exploring Goblin Valley. Best known as the alien planet in Galaxy Quest, Goblin Valley is full of unusual looking hoodoos. As we walked through the place, it was easy to imagine we were on another planet. I could also see in the shapes around me 1) why... Continue Reading →

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