A Good Time to Hurry

I'm not one for rushing. I prefer to take things slowly. But I'm also aware I have only so much time and energy and that can't hope to do everything. Today's quote speaks to me, not only because it's about being kind, but because it recognizes we only have so much time in which to... Continue Reading →

Be Kind Online. Please.

I had another bad Facebook experience. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am. I made a mistake, so it was right for people to tell me that I'd done something wrong so I could fix it. But surely they could have done so in a respectful and helpful way. Did they really... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Remus Lupin

Listening to the last episode of Binge Mode: Harry Potter got me thinking. The question I have been mulling over: Who is your favorite character in the series (besides Harry, Ron, or Hermione)? There are plenty of interesting people to choose from, but there's no question in my mind: Remus Lupin wins hands down. SPOILER... Continue Reading →

A Great Day for Compassion

It's the first day of spring and the International Day of Happiness. Since it's the 20th of March, it's also time for another round of compassion posts. In case you missed it, I posted about kindness on Friday. (I ignored the happiness prompt for this month because I had a kindness story to tell.) Today,... Continue Reading →

Which is Better: Kind Or Clever?

In January, I attended the wedding of a young friend. One of the guests was in charge of making a video during the reception. She took her hand-held camera from table to table, asking questions, eliciting cheers, recording everything. When she came to our table, I was entirely unprepared. The first thing she asked was:... Continue Reading →

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