Why I Can’t Admire Snape

SPOILER ALERT: You've read all the Harry Potter books or seen all the movies, right? If not, you may learn something here you didn't know. You've been warned. While J. K. Rowling gave him a great secret and Alan Rickman made him someone we loved to watch, I cannot admire Severus Snape. In the books,... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Remus Lupin

Listening to the last episode of Binge Mode: Harry Potter got me thinking. The question I have been mulling over: Who is your favorite character in the series (besides Harry, Ron, or Hermione)? There are plenty of interesting people to choose from, but there's no question in my mind: Remus Lupin wins hands down. SPOILER... Continue Reading →

The Harry Potter series is full of big ideas and great advice, which makes for great quotes. This is one of my favorite because it gets at the moral heart of the series: that we must make an effort, possible even make sacrifices, in order to do the right thing. Dark times lie ahead of... Continue Reading →

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