Last week I was a lucky winner. Mine was one of the three names picked at random from a list of 1033 comments on Luise Heinzl’s Dephemerember video for December 25th. I won the fourth artist’s trading card (ATC) she made during that video! My astonishment and joy have been quickly replaced by so many crazy thoughts that I’m not sure what to do. Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

This beautiful artwork deserves a special home. I could add it to my happiness journal, Sunny. But I’m not sure that its vintage style will fit in that candy-colored book. So what about the other journals I already have? One of those might work. Since the ATC has a bird on it, this could be the perfect excuse to make myself a bird-themed journal. (We all know I’m going to be doing that one of these days.)

Screen capture of comment picker app and fourth artist trading card won by Kit Dunsmore.

As if thinking about making an entire journal for one ATC isn’t crazy enough, I’ve been trying to figure out what I might send her. My own ATC seems like the most natural thing, only I haven’t got any. Besides, she’s so skilled, I’m not sure I can make anything I won’t be embarrassed by. Maybe I can ship her some “happy mail,” a grab-bag of bits and pieces from my stash that she might like to use? Unfortunately, she has limited storage space. It would be better if I kept it small. So I’m back to an ATC of my own. I know from experience the way to get something of high quality is to focus on quantity. So I need to make a bunch of ATCs. Right now.

Work table with gessoed playing cards and small collage backgrounds.
I started making some cards… and had a small gesso oops.

Only I’m also burning to go back and make ephemera from the Dephemerember 2022 challenge. I didn’t have time to follow along in December and now I’m feeling even more inspired and interested in playing with paper and fabric and glue and beads and lace and … You get the idea. So that’s another 25 projects to add to my list.

Junk journal spread with pocket and belly band, holding envelopes and journal cards.
Latest spread in my inspiration journal. Maybe I should put the ATC in here somewhere?

I’m drowning in ideas after winning a single ATC (made by Luise Heinzl! How cool is that? I’m still fan-girling like mad about this!) So many things I want to do, but as an adult, there are so many other things I have to do. (Taxes, I’m looking at you.) How much of all this will actually happen? Who knows. Since the ATC has to travel from Austria to Colorado, I have a little time. With luck, I’ll actually get something done before the ATC gets here.

Do you get overwhelmed with ideas? How do you decide what to do next?

4 thoughts on “How Winning a Single ATC Has Me Drowning in Ideas”

  1. ♥️ the inspiration you got from the ATC! They are pretty rewarding to create … once you’re in the groove! Enjoy your creative process. 😊

    1. My brain is so crazy…. it just takes a spark and RUNS. I have been playing with paint and paper. Telling myself I’m just goofing around and playing and trying not to worry about the outcome.

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