Even A Little Wild Wonder Is A Lot

Accepting my limitations is a constant battle for me. I’m interested in more things than one person could ever hope to do. My chronic conditions just make it all harder, forcing me to sacrifice some activities in order to do others. I knew this going into the virtual Wild Wonder 2022 nature journaling conference and scheduled accordingly. While my plan failed, I still learned a lot from the conference.

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Waiting for Inspiration? Spend the Time Practicing

There’s a belief that all the great artists are inspired, that what makes their work wonderful is a brilliant idea or new insight. But this is just a myth. A single moment of brilliance can be blinding to the rest of us, but there’s more to it than that. You can’t make use of inspiration if you don’t know how to use your medium. Great art comes from lots of work, which can be summed up in one word: practice.

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Entwife Sculpture: How Inspiration Drives Creation

Getting stuck with pink and brown inspired me to make an abstract interpretation of an Entwife.

Waiting for Inspiration: A Bad Idea

We want our creative work to be fast and easy. Inspiration is the word we use for the magical shortcut. But is it worth the wait?