Fun With Food: The Photography of Terry Border

I have a friend who makes her meatloaf into strange shapes, like feet and faces, and every time I make stuffed zucchini, I think about turning it into a Viking long ship, but the photography of Terry Border is fun with food (and other stuff) taken to a whole new level.

caramel apples

By adding wire limbs to food and other items, Border turns inanimate objects into characters to tell visual stories. A hot dog plays with sailboats in a bowl of baked beans. A Christmas tree, invited to “relax this holiday season” sits in an armchair reading, its tinsel hanging on the coat rack next to it. An orange sells lemonade at a stand across from a lemon selling orange juice. The photos are quirky, whimsical, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny.

Photo by Terry Border
Photo by Terry Border

Border’s work first came to my notice through this blog post at Le Bonnet Voyageur (The Traveling Winter Hat), which includes a gallery of a few of Border’s charming photos. Be sure to go to Border’s website for even more fun (although be ready for some adult content, like bananas in bed and zombie peanuts gorging themselves on another peanut). WARNING: You will be looking and laughing for a long time…

Photo by Terry Border
Photo by Terry Border

Which of Border’s photos is your favorite?

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