My mother told me Dad wanted a shirt with pockets for Christmas. I was going to buy him a flannel shirt, then realized he might have something else in mind. Having listened to the Hidden Brain episode on gift giving, I decided I better get more input. So I texted to ask for details about the type of shirt he might want.

His answer to my question was “Just a pocket for pencils and the like. Nothing fancy.”

So I made him a pocket, just a pocket, that he can pin to whatever he is wearing.

text exchange: Mom says you want a shirt with pockets... What does that mean? (list of different types of shirts)
Dad: Just a pocket for pencils and the like. Nothing fancy.
Caption: So I made him a pocket
Pictures of a pocket made from novelty quilting fabric that can be pinned to a shirt.

(I also bought him a flannel shirt.)

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