Every so often, I need to take a break to recharge my batteries. That time is here again. I’ve decided to go into deep hibernation this time so I won’t be posting new material to the blog until April.

Nature Journal page by Kit Dunsmore

See you then!

6 thoughts on “Time to Hibernate”

    1. Thanks! I hope so, too. The trick will be not to overwhelm myself trying to use the time I would have spent blogging doing other “productive” things!

  1. Sounds like a good idea, Kit. It’s not always easy making the decision to step back when you know you need to, so well done. I wish I could do the same sometimes, I know I really should. When there’s too much to do and it all gets overwhelming, I end up falling behind on everything else, and blogging can take a heck of a lot of time and effort. Taking the time to get some perspective and direct your efforts where they’re most needed is important. Remember to look after yourself, too. Sending gentle hugs. We’ll all be here when you get back!

    Caz xx

  2. Taking a break is part of the creative process! Enjoy your time to watch clouds in the sky, trying new things you are curious about, and reading some good books. The time will go by sooo fast-slow down and enjoy each every day.

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