Cute Harry Potter toys to knit or crochet.

When I went looking for Harry Potter yarn projects, I came across some fun things to knit or crochet, as well as some more serious intricate knits. Some of these patterns are free and some cost money, but they were the most interesting things I found.

First up is the Sorting Hat. Diana Scott’s free pattern tells you how to knit, then felt this project. There were other hat patterns out there, but this one looked the best to me.

Sorting Hat by Diana Scott
(Free pattern on Ravelry)

I am a sucker for tiny things, so I was drawn to this mini sweater pattern by Heidi of Hands Occupied. While she has a snitch on this one, you could easily modify it to make a Weasley sweater with the initial of your choice on the front.

Tiny golden snitch sweater by Heidi
(Free pattern at Hands Occupied)

A free crochet pattern by Kaitlyn Yeager allows you to make your very own time-turner. (I don’t think the spell to make it work is included…)

Crocheted time turner by Kaitlyn Yeager
(Free pattern on Ravelry)

The last two patterns are not free, but they were so cute, I couldn’t resist including them here. The first is the most complicated set of crocheted dolls I found. Allison Hoffman’s pattern for Harry, Ron, and Hermione also includes their pets (Hedwig, Crookshanks, and Scabbers).

Crocheted Harry, Ron, and Hermione by Allison Hoffman Designs
(Pattern for sale on Ravelry)

But for me, the last pattern is the cutest. Kristel Koevenig’s crocheted Dobby pattern has the big tennis ball eyes and colorful mismatched socks. Bat-wing hears and that trusting smile… what’s not to love?

Crocheted Dobby by Kristel Koevenig
(Pattern for sale on Ravelry)

Have you found any charming Harry Potter yarn projects? Please share them with me!

10 thoughts on “Adorable Harry Potter Yarn Projects”

    1. I haven’t tried any of these, so I don’t know how easy they are to make, but I may have to give Dobby a try…

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