Knitted projects that make pictures for Harry Potter fans.

Knitters can by geeky, so I knew when I went looking for knitted projects related to Harry Potter, I would find a lot. And I did. Some were what you would expect: Weasley sweaters and house scarfs. But there were some unusual ones, too, like these pictorial knits.

You can of course get patterns to knit portrait squares (and they’re even free!) to make into pillow covers, wall hangings, sweater backs, or a huge blanket. But for those who want Harry’s face on their project, why not make these mittens by Emolas Designs?

Harry Potter mittens by Emolas Designs. (Pattern for sale on Ravelry)

While having the two mittens make a single image of Harry’s face is fun, what I liked about these was the interesting detailing on the palm: the checkerboard, and the HP monogram.

Another unusual project is Steven Plummer’s Harry Potter Illusion wall hanging. Harry’s face is only visible from certain angles thanks to a technique I have never seen before. Fortunately, Plummer has written a whole book on how to make knits like this. The World of Illusion Knitting is full of geeky patterns including Malfoy, Gollum, Dr. Who (David Tennant), and a dalek.

Harry Potter Illusion knitted wall-hanging by Steve Plummer (Pattern for sale on Ravelry)

Last but not least is a two-sided scarf covered with symbols related to the Harry Potter series. These are not photographic images like the ones above, but it is full of lots of images a fan would appreciate. That it’s two sided, so that it looks good no matter how you wear is is a definite plus.

Harry Potter Double Knit Scarf by Karen Pritchard (Free pattern on Ravelry)

It even includes a rendition of the Hogwarts coat of arms.

Harry Potter Double Knit Scarf by Karen Pritchard: Detail.

Next time: light-hearted Harry Potter yarn projects.

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