While the decorated bicycles in this year’s Tour de Fat parade were my favorites, I was amazed at the wide variety of bicycles and other human-powered vehicles that rolled past us. There were thousands of road and mountain bikes, but there were plenty of other kinds of vehicles as well.

Two-wheeled bikes came in every size. There were tall and small ones, and even old-fashioned big-wheeled pennyfarthings.

I don’t know how this guy stayed upright. The parade slowed to a stop many times which must have been a challenge for many of those riding unusual bikes.
Winner of the most extreme rider-to-bike ratio.
There were quite a few pennyfarthings, but my favorites had riders in period costume.

Some of the bikes had more than two wheels. There were three-wheeled recumbents and a four-wheeled stretch limo version of a bike as well.

Three-wheeled recumbent bikes. (Can you call it a bike if it has three wheels?)
This extra-long stretch bike has four wheels.

There was also one bike that looked like a modified Big Wheel from childhood which made me laugh.

Super Scooby on the Green Machine. 

And there were the rebels who showed up with wheels, but not on a bike at all.

It’s man-powered and has wheels, so I guess it counts.

2 thoughts on “Bikes, Trikes, and Quadcycles Seen at the Tour de Fat”

  1. Now that’s an assortment of bikes! Or maybe “an assortment of wheels”. Great fun for people to do as well as watch. I like it! Jane

    1. It was fun, if a bit overwhelming. There were unicycles, too, but I didn’t get a picture of one of those.

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