Bikes, Trikes, and Quadcycles Seen at the Tour de Fat

While the decorated bicycles in this year’s Tour de Fat parade were my favorites, I was amazed at the wide variety of bicycles and other human-powered vehicles that rolled past us. There were thousands of road and mountain bikes, but there were plenty of other kinds of vehicles as well.

Two-wheeled bikes came in every size. There were tall and small ones, and even old-fashioned big-wheeled pennyfarthings.

I don’t know how this guy stayed upright. The parade slowed to a stop many times which must have been a challenge for many of those riding unusual bikes.
Winner of the most extreme rider-to-bike ratio.
There were quite a few pennyfarthings, but my favorites had riders in period costume.

Some of the bikes had more than two wheels. There were three-wheeled recumbents and a four-wheeled stretch limo version of a bike as well.

Three-wheeled recumbent bikes. (Can you call it a bike if it has three wheels?)
This extra-long stretch bike has four wheels.

There was also one bike that looked like a modified Big Wheel from childhood which made me laugh.

Super Scooby on the Green Machine. 

And there were the rebels who showed up with wheels, but not on a bike at all.

It’s man-powered and has wheels, so I guess it counts.

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