Now that I’ve finished my shawl project, I’m feeling the need to knit for animals again. I still adore my pony, cow (OK, bull), and pig pajamas, but this time I want to do something a little different, which is why I’ve decided to knit for my flamingo salt and pepper shakers.

Flamingo salt and pepper shakers. Classic!
Flamingo salt and pepper shakers. Classic!

I inherited these shakers from my grandmother. I don’t know if they were important to her or not, but she owned them, so they are really important to me. Also, they are souvenirs from the most unlikely place imaginable: Faulkton, South Dakota. My grandparents went to church in Faulkton and we often ate breakfast at the cafe there. Faulkton is not big (pop. 740), it’s not a tourist destination, and I doubt they have had a live flamingo inside the city limits ever. I don’t know who thought these shakers were a good idea, but he must have been crazy as a loon a very special person.

I had to leave the label on them or no one would believe me.
I had to leave the label on them or no one would believe me.

Even without all those great reasons to love them, I adore their 1950s Miami vibe. For the first few years I had them, I used them, proud of my kitschy style. Then, alas, one hit the floor and broke in two. I’ve been hauling them around with me ever since, but I only got around to gluing the broken shaker back together recently.

Mended but it shows.
Mended but it shows.

Even though it’s repaired, this flamingo’s life as a shaker is over. Plus the crack shows. In fact, that line is annoying — it destroys the sleek look of that slender neck.

And that’s when inspiration struck. What do flamingos who live in South Dakota need? Woolly things to keep them warm! Hats and scarves and turtlenecks!

I have left over multi-colored pastel sock yarn and 00 needles. Time to knit my swatch, calculate my gauge, and figure out how to dress these little pink birds. I am so excited!

So now you know. The only one crazier than the guy who sold flamingo salt and pepper shakers as souvenirs in South Dakota is me.

What would you knit for flamingo salt and pepper shakers? Or is this just too nuts?

UPDATE: You can see the clothing I knitted for these shakers here.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Knitting Projects: Ceramic Flamingo Accessories – Part 1”

    1. I think those long necks are perfect for turtlenecks, too! I’m almost done with the knitting already (the joy of tiny projects) and will post pictures next week.

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