Here Comes The Sun: The Hardest Part of Winter’s Over

I’ve complained before that I have problems with Christmas. In fact, I get downright grumpy about the people who advertise in October and decorate in November for a holiday at the end of December. It’s easy to blame the commercialism that abounds or the fact that I don’t have any kids to help me celebrate this particular holiday. But I’ve finally figured out what is really underneath all my grumpiness: the creeping darkness.

My favorite holiday decorations have always been the lights: colored lights on the Christmas tree, lit candles on the table, neighborhoods that glow at night with the strings of lights that drip from the houses. Even an early Christmas gift, sent by an understanding friend who is trying to help me get excited about the holiday, is about making some light.

The anglaspel lighting my way...
The gift of light.

This year, we’ve had more gray days than usual here in Colorado and I’m noticing just how badly I’m affected by the lack of sun. On sunny days, I have energy and feel relatively normal. Cloudy days leave me exhausted and cranky and it’s hard to tie my own shoes let alone tackle my usual chores. I have friends who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so I am talking to them to find out how they get through this dark time of year without hibernating.

The good news is that the winter solstice is here. This weekend, we switch from days getting shorter to nights getting shorter. The sun begins her slow return. It will be a while before things warm up, but the sunset will get a little later every day, and I for one will be glad for the change.

In honor of the winter solstice and of Friday, here are the Beatles celebrating sunshine with Here Comes The Sun:

Do you have problems with Christmas or winter? Is darkness a problem for you? Tell me all about it!

4 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun: The Hardest Part of Winter’s Over”

  1. The problem I have with Christmas is all of the “stuff”, buy buy buy! My solution is to stay out of it, and try not to judge. Some people really enjoy Christmas, for whatever reason, and I have to respect that. But yes, I fight off the crankiness all through December.

  2. I know the commercialism is part of my problem. Thinking I need to switch to handmade gifts wherever possible, to support artists and feel OK about the spending. Managed to do some of that this year, but would like to do more!

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