Knitting Experiment: Pig PJs Are Finished

It only took me four tries to knit pajamas for my thrift store piggy bank. Improving on earlier attempts, I came up with a rough pattern to follow.

My quasi-accurate road map for this project.
My quasi-accurate road map for this project.

I was halfway through knitting my third try according to this pattern when I decided I didn’t like the cast-on I was using to close up the ear and leg holes. It was too loose and messy looking. So I unraveled everything and knit it one more time using a different cast on, and I finally got results I liked.


I was particularly happy when I realized I could embroider the pajamas after they were stitched onto the pig; that way I could see where I was putting my flowers and how the whole thing would look in the end.


I love how this project came out. Yes, it took multiple ugly attempts before I settled on a yarn and a pattern that did what I wanted, but all that trial and error is part of the reason I’m so satisfied now. If it had worked on the first try, I don’t know that I would appreciate the finished product as much.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Experiment: Pig PJs Are Finished”

  1. That is adorable! I have no talent with yarn, but projects like this make me wish I did!

    1. I’ve been knitting for decades, so I’ve had plenty of practice. In my experience, practice can match or beat talent. It just takes time. I’ve just started trying things like this because I’ve gotten bored knitting the same old stuff all the time… Thanks for your comment!

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