Just Because It’s Useless Doesn’t Mean It’s Worthless: One Art Curator’s Opinion

It’s easy to believe that we do not deserve to spend time on our art or craft or hobby because it is unlikely we will create Art with a capital “A”.

The big Art, the great Art, the iconic everyone-knows-it-when-they-see-it Art. 

But I believe we can’t have whole and happy souls if we are not making the things we are called to make, no matter how frivolous or useless they may seem. Just as Tolkien worried about the time he spent on his “mad hobby”, I worry that time spent in my studio might be spent on better things.

Luke Syson is an art curator who knows and appreciates Art, and who has learned to appreciate art of every shape and kind. Let his insight encourage you to treat your useless art with respect. (For those in a hurry, jump to 03:00 to see the thing that rocked his world and changed his outlook.)

What do you think?

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