NaNoWriMo Day 21

Today’s word count: 1710
Today’s writing: flowing
My energy level: OK

Princess as Bad Guy. I'm loving it.

Making lists really works. I did make a list last night as promised, but it was the additional lists I made this morning that opened my eyes to what needs to happen next. The most useful thing I did was to look at each character’s main motivation or goal. It was when I got to Priscilla, the other princess who wants to marry Roderick, that I realized she is really motivated to stop Wren. So I went back and skimmed the part of the book where I introduced her, and I realized what she was going to do. Unlike Roderick and Wren, Priscilla did not have anyone gift her magically at her christening. The mountain version of faeries are hags, and they were away when Priscilla was born. So she’s decided to ask the hags to gift her now by helping her stop Wren and Roderick from marrying.

I’m in the middle of the scene where Priscilla and the hags discuss their options, and having great fun with it. I’m trying hard to avoid stereotypes, so my hags are rather refined looking older women living in a clean and pleasant home. I don’t think they are actually nice at all, but they have all the outer trappings. I’m still waiting for them to bare their fangs. And I haven’t figured out what they are actually going to do to Wren, only that their efforts are in direct conflict with her main goal (getting to Pepin so she can marry Roderick) and that is a good thing. Conflict makes things interesting and this book could use more interest right now.

Tomorrow, I will find out what spell the hags are going to cast. I hope it’s something nasty.

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