NaNoWriMo Day 22: The Edge Of The Cliff Again

Today’s word count: 1159
Today’s writing: creaky and slow
My energy level: low

I’m having an off day and it’s showing in everything I do. I managed to get some writing done this morning by putting off a decision. I had the hags and Priscilla agree to something unstated so I would have at least one more day to figure out what exactly they throw at Wren and her friends in the way of deadly magic. But I don’t feel any better. I think I’m having that “edge of the cliff” feeling again, which is uncomfortable to the say the least. I want to know where this story is headed, but I don’t know yet, and I’m afraid I still won’t know when I sit down tomorrow.

I’ve had two ideas regarding this today. One was to force the issue. I was guessing that I will procrastinate tomorrow to put off the moment when I write so I don’t have to face this big unknown. It crossed my mind that I should go ahead and do another writing session today, force myself to push past this spot in the story, and see where I find myself. But I haven’t had a chance (or the courage) to try it.

The other idea is to pick something blindly, the logic being that, if I don’t have something specific in mind, then anything at all should be just fine. I have a list of obstacles and one of dramatic events appropriate to my fantasy adventure, both of which could be a good source for the next piece of my story. All I have to do is grab a few at random and run with them, and I’ll be able to see the road again and write.

I hope I’m right, because I’m feeling low on faith at the moment. At the beginning of the month, it was easy to believe that my muse would show up with a bouquet of ideas because I needed them, but now I’m not so sure. This is what makes NaNoWriMo a challenge for me — staying with this sped-up creative cycle for a solid month. To go from nothing to an inkling to an idea to scenes and chapters back to nothing on a nearly daily basis takes persistence. I’ve done it before, so I should know I can do it again. But right this second I’m not so sure.

I’ll keep my lists handy, just in case I need them tomorrow. But I sure hope my muse shows up with a red-hot idea. She’s so much better at this than I am.

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