A Day in the Rockies: Little Critters

Our day in the mountains was full of wildlife. When we weren’t busy seeing big mammals, we enjoyed the birds and the small animals of the woods. Dad and Kurt got a lot more bird pictures than I did, but I still managed to catch a few. While Mom and I sat at a picnic table by Lily Lake, a song sparrow landed right in front of us and sang long enough for me to snap a picture.

Song sparrow

Another Lily Lake show-off was a ground squirrel who has clearly been fed in the past. He came out and posed for me.

Later, when we were searching Rocky Mountain National Park for elk, a stellar jay landed in a tree right next to us, and we all took pictures of him. Unfortunately, the memory card in my camera maxed out right then. I only got two shots of him.

Tomorrow: plant life that caught my eye (and wound up in my camera).

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