Sweater 3: Actually, it’s a Vest

As soon as I set this sweater aside, I was ready to make yet another. I had a modular vest pattern from Creative Knitting’s September 2008 issue which called for hand-dyed yarn. (Notice how it’s always the pattern on the cover that gets me to buy the book?)


Again, I didn’t have to go shopping. The deformed sweater I made years ago was made with a beautiful blue and purple hand-dyed yarn I had been given. I decided to salvage the yarn by taking the sweater apart. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about what I needed to do very carefully. I grabbed a pair of scissors and started by cutting off the collar and cutting the sleeves off the body. Before I got any further, I realized my mistake. In order to unravel large lengths of yarn, I needed to carefully take the sweater apart by cutting through the seams. I was able to salvage all the sleeve yarn and most of the front and back, but I have a couple pieces that I will probably just felt in the washer rather than make myself crazy pulling them apart. I am almost finished with the vest, and I still have a little yarn to work with, so I think I’m going to pull this one off as well.


Tomorrow: Sweater 4? or is Kit Ready to Hang up her Needles?

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