Sweater 2: Kit Knits a Cardigan

Energized by my knitting success, I immediately launched into a new project, also from Yarnplay. It’s an asymmetrical cardigan called Edie (pp. 87-93).


I already had a bunch of Galway yarn (Plymouth Yarn Co.) I’d bought years ago (planning on making a cable sweater that never happened), so all I had to do was find the right size needles and get to work. This sweater proved a challenge because it required buttons. I was thinking triangular, to emphasize the asymmetry. A lengthy visit to Lambspun taught me what I didn’t want, but I couldn’t find anything that worked. I tried some of everything to no avail. I wound up buying the buttons at JoAnn’s. Thanks to the research I’d done at Lambspun, I found square buttons that worked in about three minutes. This sweater has come out on the small side, but is extra warm thanks to the combo of wool and tight knitting.


Tomorrow: Sweater 3: Will the Knitting Ever End?

This article was written by Kit Dunsmore

Kit Dunsmore is a writer and an artist who wants to live in a castle, own a fire-lizard, or at least get snowed in at the library. A Renaissance woman, she is curious about everything and uses writing as an excuse to learn about whatever she likes.

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