In true holiday tradition, my Tyrannosaurus rex Tiny decided at the last minute that she wanted to be a fairy for Halloween. I wasn’t able to make a costume for myself this year, but I figured I could manage one for her. I pulled out the tulle and and butterfly wings and ribbon and got to work.

The wings were easier to make than I expected and stay in place thanks to wire and elastic. Drilling the star for the wand was fiddly, but I eventually succeeded. I hand-stitched the tulle for the skirt, but wound up gluing the seams for the “bodice.”

It was bed time and everything was done except for her tiara, so I suggested we use the one from her Elizabeth the First outfit to save time. She vetoed that, and she was right.

Tiara on the left is from her Elizabeth the First costume. Tiara on the right was the perfect finishing touch to the Toothy Fairy.
Tiny rocking her Toothy Fairy costume
So beautiful!

I have to confess she looks way better than I thought she was going to. This project was very ugly in the middle and it’s left my studio a mess. But it was worth it.

What my studio looks like after frenzied costume-making.

Happy Halloween!

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