I was already struggling with pain and fatigue when I hurt my foot. I thought I’d stepped on a shard of glass, but my dry foot had cracked naturally. I slathered my feet with hand cream and seemed fine. I would walk down the hall or across the kitchen without a problem. Then some step apparently no different than the others would result in stabbing pain. I would limp for a short while, then the cycle would start again. That’s when I learned about heel fissures.

WebMD recommended lots of foot pampering: soaking in warm water, rubbing with loofahs, and moisturizing morning and evening. Wearing shoes with good cushioning? A must. I’m lucky that it’s all stuff I can easily do. But it’s a slow healing injury and I’ll have to keep pampering my feet to prevent fissures in the future. My long self care list includes daily routines to outwit insomnia and taking medication six times a day. The last thing I need is more to do. But I decided I wanted to be able to walk.

We went shopping for supplies including socks, since moisturizing works better if you put socks on afterwards. It’s been a hot summer, the whole reason I was barefoot in the first place. I hoped that I would be able to stand wearing thin footies.

I found socks with colored toes and heels in the women’s section. They weren’t amazing, but they weren’t boring. Most important, they were thin. Then we happened to cut through the kids’ clothing section. I saw a pair of blue socks with orange octopuses, part of a sea-themed bundle. “I want those!” I pulled them off the rack and admired the designds. Sharks. Waves. Sharks with party hats. Even the “plain” socks had fun colors. Reluctantly, I put them back.

Then I saw the girl’s seaside sock bundle and was just as charmed. Unicorn pool floats? Palm trees? Sloth mermaids?!

My husband pointed out that they would probably fit me. I held the socks next to my shoes. He was right.

I got excited. I could get myself fun, silly, colorful socks. It would make this new foot routine enjoyable, knowing I got to put these on when I was done. Since I couldn’t decide which set to get, I bought both. Fortunately, they were on sale.

It’s been three weeks now, and while my feet look amazing, I’m still healing. I wear closed shoes all the time, even though we’ve had weather in the 90s. The whimsical socks have made all the difference. Whenever I am tempted to skip a treatment, I choose the silly socks I will wear afterwards. They are keeping me diligent and make me smile as well.

Who would have guessed sloth mermaid socks could help you heal?

Do you ever make silly purchases to help you do the right thing?

6 thoughts on “Finding The Upside to Heel Fissures”

    1. It has me thinking I need to just keep looking for what I really need instead of settling for what’s okay. I have a bad tendency to do that.

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