The Plan: Spend from 2 PM until 4 PM tidying up my studio, although I hope it won’t take that long.

The Reality:
2:00 ~ I start putting things away.
2:05 ~ I find a set of colored pens that needs a home and remember that I have a pencil case I’m not using because it’s in the mending bag.
2:06 ~ Pull out the holey pencil case. Decide it won’t take long to fix; I just need the right fabric to sew over the worn out ends.
2:07 ~ Find cool upholstery scrap in my fabric stash.
2:08 ~ Collect the materials and tools needed to mend the pencil case.
2:10 to 4:30 ~ Put on a movie and fix my pencil case.

The good news is that I did get the case fixed, and I love the results. There’s something about personalizing containers that is immensely satisfying.

The bad news is that the studio is still a mess. At least my pens now have a home.

Are you easily distracted?

4 thoughts on “Why My Studio Is A Mess”

    1. I definitely got something done, but it would be nice to be a *little* more efficient. 2.5 hours to put away 6 pens is slow, even for me!

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