There was a post on Facebook this week that asked “If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?” You know you’re in trouble when the answer is “bed.”

My sleep therapist has cut back my time in bed so that it matches how much I actually sleep, which is a measly five hours. That means I’m getting about four and a half hours of sleep, because I am still waking up before the alarm, but not by as much.

I only bring all this up because it means my week has been challenging. I’m feeling ill all the time now, which has kept me from writing for the blog. Since I can’t stop thinking about this quote, I thought I’d share it with you.

Do but consider what an excellent thing sleep is: it is so inestimable a jewel that, if a tyrant would give his crown for an hour’s slumber, it cannot be bought: of so beautiful a shape is it, that though a man lie with an Empress, his heart cannot beat quiet till he leaves her embracements to be at rest with the other: yes, so greatly indebted are we to this kinsman of death, that we owe the better tributary, half of our life to him: and there is good cause why we should do so: for sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. Who complains of want? of wounds? of cares? of great men’s oppressions? of captivity? whilst he sleepeth? Beggars in their beds take as much pleasure as kings: can we therefore surfeit on this delicate Ambrosia? Can we drink too much of that whereof to taste too little tumbles us into a churchyard, and to use it but indifferently throws us into Bedlam? No, no, look upon Endymion, the moon’s minion, who slept three score and fifteen years, and was not the hair worse for it.

Thomas Dekker

I only have to do this new (insane) schedule for one week. Then we should have the information we need to move forward in a logical manner and more effective manner.

But right now, I get it. I’m working my ass off and I still can’t make sleep happen. It really is a gift.

4 thoughts on “Sleep, That Golden Chain”

  1. “If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?” – How long do I get to/have to stay there?

    Glad you only have this schedule for a week! Hope it gets better soon.

    1. Good question… they didn’t say!
      I’m doing everything I can to enjoy my days despite my limitations. Back to playing piano which is fun and distracting. Also counting the days (and hoping that whatever I wind up having to do next is easier than this!)

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