When I saw this video, I was immediately reminded of my brain chain from last week and a book I made a few years ago. By drawing on folded paper, Clym Evernden makes sketch after sketch, keeping part of the last drawing to use in the next one. A great exercise for discovering visual connections — and for really planning ahead as you draw! (The video is just over a minute long and well worth watching.)

Years ago, I made a little booklet that is a one-sheet accordion structure with flaps where the paper turns the corners. (You can find instructions in this article, along with a diagram.) Like Evernden, I was inspired to make connected drawings using the flaps. You can view the entire illustration at once and it doesn’t matter which way the flap pages are laying, it still makes sense and is all connected.

My underwater flap book.

I’m not describing this very well (please look at the photos) and had a hard time deciding what to call this structure and technique. I was thinking it’s a sort of flip book, only those have many more pages and result in animation. Since the number of moving parts is limited, and I’m already thinking of the pages that stick out as flaps, I’m calling it a flap book.*

Nessie and a sea horse say hello.

Like Evernden’s drawings on folded paper, these illustrations required a little thought and planning. It’s a great opportunity to draw from your imagination and have some fun.


I’ve discovered I have a blank book with this same structure, so I am going to get it out and do some more run-on drawings. (Maybe that’s what I should call this?)

*Family members have suggested “switch pic,” or something with “book” or “story” in the name. “Flap book” is still the best I can do. Do you have any suggestions?

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