Christmas has come and gone, but I am still making more ornaments for my Advent Calendar Project. After warming up with stars, I tried a couple of birds. While I hope to do more in the future, these were hard enough that I listened to my own advice, and went back to simpler shapes to make it easier on myself. Result: much more elaborate embroidery!

I’ve made eight ornments so far.
Hearts in process. (I had a hard time seeing the chalk outline, which is why some of my stripes came out too long.)
Hearts: embroidery and beading finished.

6 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Project: Birds and Hearts”

  1. The birds look amazing. And the fact that you are doing a project at all is amazing. I’m a lump on the couch.

    1. Thanks. And I know the lump problem! I think I’m finding this easy to do because it’s for me and I’m making it up as I go along. If anything doesn’t work, no worries, because I can just make something else. I imagine it will get much harder when it’s time to make the quilt the ornaments are going to hang on…

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