My second week of daily nature journal sessions was much harder than the first. My initial excitement faded and suddenly I was struggling to get myself to do anything. Even though just 10 minutes of journaling counts, I skipped a day. I’m still processing what exactly happened, where the obstacles were, and what might make things better going forward, so I’ll be posting in detail about all of it later.

Here are a few of the pages I made for this week.

A plant study. I know almost nothing about them!
Bears fishing for salmon at Brook Falls (I watched a live camera feed for these pages.)

Experiments I tried this week:

  • Drawing plants in our garden to learn about their various parts and forms.
  • Drawing wildlife in other parts of the world by watching live camera feeds (like this one on YouTube.)
  • Drawing while chatting via Jitsi with other nature journalers.
  • Making a map of where I see birds in my neighborhood.
I used my bird lists to make a map of both the common and uncommon sightings I made in June.

I’m trying not to be discouraged by my lack of enthusiasm and look instead for ways to keep this fresh and fun. So far, the main change has been to allow myself more short sessions. It’s easy to get sucked in and spend an hour, but I think I need to do shorter sessions as well.

Have you ever lost enthusiasm for an activity you knew you wanted to do? How did you deal with it?

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