I love the YouTube videos where people making things, especially things I’m interested in making myself. Eventually they inspire me to try my hand at the craft they demonstrate. Still, I was surprised when some amazing embroidery videos, and especially their sound tracks, convinced me to get out my embroidery floss for the first time in years.

Close up of purple and gold embroidered flower by Kit Dunsmore
Embroidered flower by Kit Dunsmore

The first embroidery video I saw started the ball rolling. Some of the stitches demonstrated were entirely new to me and I wanted to try them. But what really got to me was the sound of the needle and thread going through the fabric. Because it’s stretched, the fabric acts like a drum head, amplifying the vibrations of the needle and thread. There’s something incredibly soothing about this repetitive sound.

Close up of embroidered daisies by Kit Dunsmore
Embroidered daisies by Kit Dunsmore

I didn’t have any project to work on, so I found more videos to watch. I discovered a Japanese stitcher whose videos are light on English, but include clear demonstrations of the stitches she uses. Along with the mesmerizing motions of her needle and the lovely work she did was that beguiling sound. Thrrrup. Thrrrup. Thrrrup. Thread through fabric. It made me want to do some embroidery myself.

Close up of a pink embroidered flower by Kit Dunsmore
Embroidered pink flower by Kit Dunsmore

I didn’t want to make anything in particular, I just wanted to stitch, but that seemed like it would be a waste of time. Then I remembered my goal to come up with healthier activities than phone games, and I gave myself permission to stitch in order to soothe myself.

Embroidery hoop with unfinished floral embroidery including pansy, daisies, pink and blue flowers. By Kit Dunsmore.
Embroidered flower experiment by Kit Dunsmore.

I cut a piece of fabric, stretched it in a hoop, and started. I’m making a collection of flowers just for the fun of it. It’s a chance to practice stitches and experiment with ideas, to discover what I like and what I don’t, but most of all, to be quiet and rest.

Maybe I’ll get around to decorating my clothes or a bag or something some day, but for now, I’m quite happy just to be stitching. It’s relaxing, even meditative. Best of all? I get to make that soothing sound all by myself.

Do you like the sounds a needle and thread make? What crafts do you find soothing? Why?

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