I’m in love. I just wrapped my first present in fabric and it was SO EASY. Also, it’s the perfect solution for this particular present, because I have an usually shaped gift that I need to mail.

I have used a “Tootsie roll” style for wrapping presents with paper in the past, to solve the “wrap an object shaped roughly like a tube,” but the paper usually doesn’t hold up well. It crinkles and often tears. If I don’t mess it up putting it together, it gets torn handling it later.

I decided to try fabric, because, being a quilter, I have some lying around.

The (relatively) organized part of my fabric stash.

I found an article with written instructions that also included this short video on wrapping with fabric.

It couldn’t have been easier. No ripping, no tearing, no tape. I even used scrap fabric I had to make the ribbons.

Ta-da! Present wrapped in fabric. Simple and quick.

What’s your favorite way to wrap presents?

10 thoughts on “Video: Wrapping With Fabric, Fast and Easy”

    1. I am going to be doing this a lot more, certainly at home where I can collect up the fabric to use it again. And for shipping… That was a real insight I hadn’t had before.

  1. I have used the Sunday comics, brown paper bags, butcher paper, and dollar store wrapping paper. I like the idea of fabric because it is re-usable. I loved the video and the peek into your fabric stash.

    1. What creative wrapping choices! I’m definitely going to be doing this more. Pretty sure I have more fabric than I will ever be able to use!

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