Some of my imperfect drawings from Inktober 2019 week 2.

Another week of Inktober has come and gone. As I got ready to write this post, I was thinking with dismay that I didn’t have any good drawings to share. Then I looked through my sketchbook and decided two things:

  1. My drawings weren’t as bad as I thought.
  2. If I was willing to show unfinished and imperfect work, I had plenty to share.

So here they are:

Ink drawing of T. rex model by Kit Dunsmore
My T. rex Tiny. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Black and white Grid of doodles. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Doodle page made while watching a movie. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Ink drawing of crossed legs in jeans. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Legs. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Black and white ink drawing of a couch with three pillows. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Couch. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore
Unfinished ink drawing of a shoe by Kit Dunsmore
Unfinished Shoe. Drawing by Kit Dunsmore

How is your Inktober going?

6 thoughts on “Inktober 2019: Week 2”

  1. I love your dino… no one’s Inktober is really perfect. I’m behind and may not get caught up til November, but I’m still trying.

    1. Thanks! Every drawing is also practice for the next drawing. And really there are no perfect drawings. But we continue to have hopes and expectations for them, kind of like parents do for their children. It’s better to love them for what they are than wish they were something else.

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