Time for a break from the blog. Inktober news but nothing else in October 2019.

… so I’m going to take a break from the blog.

I am in dire need of a rest and I have to cut back on something. Since I’ve already committed to Inktober for this year, I will be posting once a week on Mondays to share some drawings and any insights I get from a month of daily drawing. But otherwise, the blog will be inactive.

Need a NAP! (Drawing by Kit Dunsmore)

I’m in the midst of medical tests and am hoping to learn something useful so that I can work on being healthier in the future. For now, though, I need to rest. I’ll be keeping my blogging time to a minimum. When November arrives, I’ll reassess my situation and let you know what’s next.

In the meantime, have a great October/Inktober!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

8 thoughts on “Too Tired For Words…”

  1. I hope you feel better. Sometimes rest is the most important thing. And Inktober is a big commitment! My daughter wants me to do it with her, and I am resisting a bit because it is such a big project. I hope to do it some year though, as I have seen some really cool prompt lists!

    1. I can only do daily challenges by setting the bar really really low. That’s why I promise myself I only have to draw for 10 minutes and I allow for doodling. I don’t like prompts. I’d rather I pick a few things I know I will want to draw and then choose on each day which one it will be. Just did my third drawing for Inktober 2019 and it was fun! Also taking it easy as much as I can…!

      1. That’s me! Prompts are just supposed to be starting places, but I’d rather start with things I know I want to draw!

  2. My daughter tells me that if you search inktoberpromptlists on Instagram, you can get other options. So I may check those out – maybe something plant or animal themed will look better to me. 🙂

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