Adorable crocheted figures inspired by characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

I found some crocheted amigurumi figures inspired by Tolkien’s work that make me want to squee. I realize the Professor would probably be appalled (by the figures and the squee-ing), but these guys are just too darling not to share. Unfortunately, much of what I found is one-time original work, so all we can do is admire them. But I did find a few patterns for those who like to crochet (see below).

First up is Crochet Fangirl’s Smaug, made for a friend. Click through to see more pictures of this wonderful dragon.

Smaug by Crochet Fangirl

Legolas and Gimli, made by LunasCrafts, include adorable details. The removable capes with leaf brooches are particularly fine.

Legolas and Gimli by LunasCrafts

Sadly, MadFruit’s Thranduil is another personal pattern, but there’s so much here to admire, like the colored linings of the long sleeves.

Thranduil by MadFruit

Now come the patterns you can actually buy and make. (Note: I share patterns I find because I think they look fantastic; I don’t get money for doing so nor do I test them out myself.) Both are by Lucy Collin (aka Lucy Ravenscar).

Collin’s Dwarf pattern includes both male and female dwarves, complete with armor and weapons.

Dwarf by Lucy Collin (Lucy Ravenscar; pattern for sale)

She also has a pattern for both male and female hobbits that are too cute for words (or, probably, Tolkien).

Halfings by Lucy Collin (Lucy Ravenscar; pattern for sale)

Which of these is your favorite? Would Tolkien have liked them at all?

4 thoughts on “Tolkien-Inspired Amigurumi: Too Cute For The Professor?”

    1. I thought so… And it’s really not fair of me to ask for a favorite because I hate having to choose just one myself.

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