There are a wide variety of knitting and crochet patterns available for projects inspired by The Lord of the Rings including wearables appropriate for humans, elves, and dwarves. My favorites are for gauntlets, shawls, helmets, and – surprise! – beards.

NOTE: Any pattern that I link to is something I thought looked cool. I don’t get any money for mentioning it nor do I guarantee it will be fun to make.

I found two stunning but very different projects for gauntlets. The cable-knit Rangers of Ithilien gauntlets by Kristen Howard make use of stylish clasps but her pattern is free.

Rangers of Ithilien Gauntlets by Kristen Howard (Free knitting pattern)

I also liked the scale-mail gauntlets designed by Sheila Toy Stromberg. She has patterns for kids (Gimli Son of Gloin Gauntlets for free) and adults (Galadriel Battle Mitts for sale) as well as tutorials for those who haven’t knit with scales before (the links are on the same pages with her patterns).

Gimli Son of Gloin Gauntlets by Sheila Toy Stromberg (Free knitting pattern)

For those who crochet – and have a sense of humor! – there’s a helmet with beard inspired by Gimli’s armor in the movies. And for those who love dwarves but already have a beard, there’s a pattern for just the helmet.

Gimli-inspired Helmet with Beard by RCraftyCreations (Crochet pattern for sale)
Gimli-inspired Helmet by RCraftyCreations (Crochet pattern for sale)

Finally, I found some beautiful shawl patterns. Evenstar by Susan Pandorf uses lace knitting and makes a large circular wrap.

Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf (Knitting pattern for sale)

The Lothlorien Shawl & Scarf by Jennifer Wood is a smaller knitting project with lots of texture.

Lothlorien Shawl & Scarf by Jennifer Wood (Knitting pattern for sale)

What’s your favorite wearable yarn project that’s inspired by The Lord of the Rings?

10 thoughts on “LOTR Yarn Projects to Wear”

    1. Fun, aren’t they? It’s got me thinking I should come up with some projects of my own.

  1. Thanks for featuring Evenstar. My newest pattern in the LOTR collection is Elven Woods, a cloak inspired by the ones the hobbits wear. It’s 20% off through June 4th.

  2. There are a pair of mithriel socks in the knitting geek book Unobtainables by Heatherly Walker and Allison Sarnoff that are excellent. Available on Amazon.

    1. Thanks for telling us about it. There seem to be lots of “inspired-by” projects out there. Real mithril socks might not be all that comfortable to wear (although Frodo says his mithril coat is more comfortable that you would guess). 😉

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