Dior probably wasn’t thinking about Elves… but I think his hoods are perfect for them!

I was lucky enough to get to see the Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit at the Denver Art Museum before it closed. I knew I was going to see some amazing outfits. What I didn’t know was that some of them would be for Elves.

Spot the Elf! (photo by Kit Dunsmore)

The first outfit was in amongst a collection of dresses inspired by Christian Dior’s famous “New Look.” As soon as I saw it, I realized this was the perfect formal wear for any self-respecting Elf maiden.

Photo by Kit Dunsmore

The Elf-wear gowns I saw were not as modern. You could easily imagine Arwen wearing this embroidered and beaded beige piece, although I’m not sure it’s fancy enough for Galadriel.

I think this is a wedding dress, but all I see when I look at it is Elf-wear. (Photo by Kit Dunsmore)
Close-up (Photo by RRM)

There was also an amazing dress with a crystal “hood” that I think Galadriel would wear. I didn’t get a picture of it, but you found one that the photographer is letting me share.

Photo by bayarea_photog.

Perhaps it’s a limited imagination that made me see Elves every time they slapped a hood on something, but I really think these outfits would fly in Rivendell or Lothlorien.

Do you think these outfits are Elf-worthy?

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