4 Animal Artists With Different Approaches to Realism

I love art and I love animals, so the two together is always a hit with me. While I like realism in animal art, I don’t see the point in a drawing or painting that looks just like a photograph. Here are four artists who paint realistic animals but whose styles make it clear you are not looking at a photo.

Jeff Carter is the artist in this group whose style is most realistic. His wildlife paintings have the detail of scientific illustrations while being soft and warm.

Long-Tailed Tits by Jeff Carter

Also taking a soft approach is animal keeper/painter Julie Brunn. While there is no question what the subjects of her paintings are, there is a blurry impressionistic touch that adds to their beauty

Painting by Julie Brunn

Justin Monson is a self-described “sketchpot.” He calls his paintings doodles, but if you look at his work, I think you’ll agree it’s more than that. He paints animals and other things, often on envelopes or package wrappings.

Tortoise and Hare by Justin Monson (aka The Sketchpot)

Last is Don Kobasky, whose painting style is more fantastic in the literal sense. His giant detailed animals are often shown in strong false colors, or in wild settings like space.

Painting by Don Kobasky

Which of these do you like best?

7 thoughts on “4 Animal Artists With Different Approaches to Realism

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  1. Hi Kit,
    I like all of them but for different reasons. I think each style aligns with different emotions, or that is what the paintings elicited from me. The vibrant octopus is the energetic, extrovert. The Hare and Tortoise made me think of a wonderfully illustrated children’s book. The fox (I think it’s yawning) gives me a relaxed feeling of a cloudy and rainy day. The tits make me thing of a good day, with a sunny disposition.

    I’m not an artist, probably on the other side of the spectrum, but I try to appreciate art as best as my analytical mind can.

    Thank you for sharing!


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