Thanks to a smart and thoughtful friend, I have a new favorite holiday decoration. Kelleen knows I struggle getting into the spirit of things come December, and likes to send me a pre-Christmas present so I can get excited about the coming holidays. This year’s really did the trick.

Saturday, I found a big box on the porch. Inside was a present with the best tag a present could have: “Open Me Now!”

Under the wrapping, I found a holiday-themed Lego set: Santa’s Workshop.

Look what I got!

It includes the sleigh and reindeer, busy elves, and both Santa and Mrs. Claus. I was so excited I postponed all the chores I had intended to do, put a Christmas video on the TV, and got to work. The results were fantastic. Not only is the workshop with trimmings absolutely adorable (I love teeny stuff!), but it made me smile and laugh. Now it’s gracing my mantelpiece and making me happy whenever I think of it.

Santa, sleigh, and reindeer.
Santa’s Workshop (You can get to the rooms from the back side)
An elf hard at work!

Thanks to Kelleen, I’ve shaken my holiday blues. The Grinch is history and I am really excited about the coming holidays. All it took was some cute combined with fun and frivolous.

What is your favorite holiday decoration and why?

9 thoughts on “My New Favorite Holiday Decoration”

  1. When she found out I wasn’t getting a tree, my friend, Phyllis, made me a little tree which sits on my mantle. That first year it had glass pinecones and tiny glass balls in shades of brown. It now has a bicycle made from copper wire, a wooden canoe, tiny clay ornaments made by my friend Gina, and two owls made by you.

    1. That sounds adorable and perfect! My folks have gone to a table-top tree and I expect we’ll do that one day, too. Having handmade ornaments from friends is extra-wonderful! 😉

    1. I think they release a new holiday set every year — Kelleen collects them. So of course, she knew the coolest one to get.

  2. My favorite decorations are a nativity scene my brother and sister-in-law gave us the first year we were married and a Santa that my father painted for me.

    We downsized our entertainment center this year which left me with nowhere to put my decorations. I was pretty sad about it but my hubby commissioned some shelves for me and put them up last night. My favorite decorations will be in place this evening!

    1. It’s important to make space for the things that are special to us. So glad you have somewhere to display your treasures!

    1. It’s even cooler when you build it. You get to see all the clever details, like the stack of mail on Santa’s desk.

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