For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about knitting myself a dragon. While I love the body shape of the knit Nessie I made a few years ago, I have yet to figure out how to adapt it to make a dragon. So I looked online for patterns to see if someone else has already come up with a design I would like. I found more cutesy dragons than realistic ones, but perhaps that’s not so surprising when you consider they are all made from friendly, fluffy yarn.

The crochet projects are particularly cute. Darby the Dragon (Dragons Don’t Knit) has a sweet baby dragon look that would make it a great child’s companion.

Darby the Dragon by Dragons Don't Knit
Darby the Dragon, designed by Dragons Don’t Knit

A more complex crocheted dragon is Smaug the African Flower Dragon which is made using colorful pentagonal sections that look like fancy five-sided granny squares.

Smaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidi Bears
Smaug the African Flower Dragon by Heidi Bears

For How to Train Your Dragon fans, there is this adorable Toothless crocheted hat designed by Alexandra Britt.

Alexandra Britt's crocheted Toothless beanie
Alexandra Britt’s crocheted Toothless beanie

The knit dragons are a little more realistic in appearance. Crafty Mutt’s scaly dragon uses elaborate metal sequins to add hard scales to the dragon’s soft body.

Scale Mail Dragon by Crafty Mutt

But you don’t have to knit your dragon in three dimensions. A beautiful flat dragon knit is Kathleen Taylor’s Dragon Ride Shawl.

Dragon Ride Shawl by Kathleen Taylor
Dragon Ride Shawl by Kathleen Taylor

I still haven’t decided which, if any, of these to make. I may have to try my hand at designing my own after all.

Do you have a favorite pattern for knitting or crocheting a dragon? If so, please share it with me!

2 thoughts on “A Flight of Dragons to Knit or Crochet”

    1. *Puts down one vote for the shawl* I really like it, too! And the link you posted is also an awesome project. What a great design idea. I don’t know how I missed it! Thanks for sharing it with me!

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