Star Wars + Yarn = Fabulous Geeky Knits and Crochets

I recently saw a wonderful kit for crocheting amigurumi versions of various Star Wars characters. All I have room to show you is Yoda, but you get the idea. Awesome cute! You can see more of Lucy Ravenscar’s wonderful Star Wars designs at her website. (Note: She’s listed as Lucy Collin on the book, but seems to go by Ravenscar online.)

Amigurumi yoda, design by Lucy Ravenscar Collin
Amigurumi Yoda, design by Lucy Ravenscar (Collin)

It got me thinking: I could be knitting fan stuff. My first knitting project ever was the fourth Doctor’s long striped scarf (it turned out four feet wide), but I don’t think I’ve paid attention to geeky knits since. Ravenscar’s adorable patterns got me thinking I should let other things that I love inspire my knitting.

Looking around for other geeky yarn projects, I stumbled across a goldmine. Geek Crafts has plenty of DIY ideas for the sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book fans out there. Many of the projects have patterns or instructions available. Geek Crafts showcases every needlecraft there is, plus lamps, rugs, furniture, cars — you name it, someone has poured their fan love all over it.

To give you just a taste of the wide variety of wonderful stuff at Geek Crafts, here are some of the knitted and crocheted projects that caught my eye.

They have the basic projects you would expect, like geeky hats and scarves. This knitted Yoda hat and crocheted TARDIS hat are both mentioned in a winter hat review.

Knit me, you should!
Knit me, you should!
Bigger on the inside.
Bigger on the inside.

More ambitious fans have made entire outfits, like this knitted Captain America costume and this crocheted Starfleet uniform.



They even have mini-projects for people like me, in a wide range of styles. Everything from fairly ordinary (but cute!) knitted planets to the rather odd (and still cute!) Avenger snails.

Wouldn't these make a great mobile?
Wouldn’t these make a great mobile?
I know, I know. Totally odd. I think that's why I love them so much.
I know, I know. Totally odd. I think that’s why I love them so much.

For the true die-hard fan, they even have directions for making your own tools. Who needs lightsaber knitting needles or a lightsaber crochet hook? We do!

Do yourself a favor and go check out Geek Crafts. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the wonderful geeky goodness of this site. You’ll be amazed by the wide range of fans that they cater to and the mind-boggling variety of crafts that they display.

Have you ever made a geeky craft or been tempted to? I’d love to hear about it! Please share.


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